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The Open Mat Sparring Training is a special meet of martial artists where we help push each other to improve our sparring game.  

Warrior Code Taekwon-Do Academy offers this training every 12 weeks to help people of any martial art get together (sorted by proper age groups) and enhance their sparring skills for competitions or for their promotion grading.

This training is divided into 2 - 2 hour sessions.  The groups are separated by age.  Here are the groups:

GROUP #1 - Ages 6 to 8 / Ages 7 to 9 

From 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM

GROUP #2 - Ages 12 to 14 / Ages 15 to 17 / Ages 18 & Up

From 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

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The cost is $30 per person


We love hosting the Open Mat Sparring Trainings.  They are open to any martial art school or student that wants to come and train in a friendly and fun environment.  


This is not a place where people come to get hurt or hurt someone else!

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Sparring Rules


Our sparring rules include punching and kicking only (no knees or elbows).  No attacking below the belt, to the neck, the back or the back of the head.  

Children under 9 years old should not be touched in the face (only head gear touch is allowed).

Dress Code


We are proud students of martial arts and of our school.  We ask that all students wear their uniforms - be proud and represent your school!

You are permitted to wear a t-shirt (instead of uniform top). Please keep any t-shirts family friendly!

Training Etiquette


Please conduct yourself with HONOR.  All participants are expected to spar and train with caution.  We are attending to improve and learn. Anyone who loses control of their technique, emotion or is intentionally trying to hurt another person will not be allowed to spar.

Hand Requirements


We respectfully ask that there are no foam dipped gloves or MMA gloves.  Only Open Hand Sparring Gloves & Boxing Gloves will be permitted.

Foot Requirements


All sparring boots must cover the toes & the heel.  Training shoes may not be worn (World Tae Kwon Do style).

Head Gear Requirements


Head gear is required by all participants regardless of age or belt level.  Our insurance policy requires this!


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